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The Zanikweb has everything that fits your business needs. There are plenty of products we offer ranging from the basic operational tools to the entire enterprise resource programs. Not to forget, the Zanikweb is an ideal option for ERP Software in Karachi based on its professional designs and expert consultation. Ahead of our general business products, we even offer a wide variety for Custom Software Development Pakistan. Tailoring and customization are available for every sort of software, whether it is a point-of-sale program or a complete set of document management system. We craft our products to serve you better in every business operation.

Hospital Management Software

The Hospital Management Software is among the lead inventory for this versatile ERP Software in Pakistan that has a professional outlook, fundamental tools & intuitive design.

Medical Software
School Management Software

A very unique school management software that provides administrative, managerial, accounts, student portal and teaching aids to a school or college.

School Software
Business Accounting Software

Manage your accounts quickly, accurately and pretty professionally using the accounting software provided under this ERP Software in Pakistan. It is a big yes to your organizational success and revenue increment.

Payroll Software
Web Based HR Software

The HR Software is a very handy tool that you find with the Zanikweb ERP Software in Karachi. It makes all your HR processes quite easy and brings you the latest HR techniques practiced in the industry.

Inventory Software
Hotel Management Software

Hotel Management Software which provide complete grip over room booking, check-in, check-out, guest management, laundry management, billing and much more.

Accounting Software
Inventory Software

Managing inventory, is not a problem anymore. The Inventory ERP Software in Karachi offers plenty of fresh features that can make you sit in an organized warehouse.

HRM Software
Online Payroll Software

Why rely on the manual payroll record maintenance when a modern Payroll Software is available for you. It is a widely growing ERP Software in Pakistan based on its design, scalability and functionality.

Trading Software
CRM Software

It is the Customer Relationship Management Software, a comprehensive enterprise solution that can indeed strengthen your customer support, marketing and obviously would bring prosperity.

CRM Software
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