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Suitable for Every Sort of Businesses

The exclusively versatile features, a variety of functionalities and user-friendly interface makes this ERP feasible for every size of business, hospitals and schools.


Information and Communications Technology

The robust and scalable technology has been utilized in crafting this ERP module for better user experience which includes Angular 6, the ASP.NET and the SQL Server.


International standards have been followed

International standards have been followed in this Enterprise Resource Planning like ISO, the IEC, IEEE 29119 which ensure error free, fast and accurate results.

Wide range of web design, seo & software development services
We are Pakistan's top Web Design, SEO, Digital Marketing & ERP Software Company

The Zanikweb is the hub for all designing, development and digital marketing (seo) services. We house the experts for every performance that can bring your website on top and can provide the essence for a successful marketing campaign. In short, the Zanikweb provides professional and expert IT services for all your business needs.

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Web Design

The Zanikweb IT Solution Providers is top Web Design Company in Pakistan offers professional and expert web designing and development services covering the scope of businesses and non-profit organizations.

Digital Marketing

The Zanik IT Solution Provider’s Digital Marketing Services is the key index in paving the path to increase the revenue. As our analytical social media and search engine tools never let you campaign come down.

Search Engine Optimization

Zanikweb IT Solution Providers is well-versed SEO Company in Karachi that tends to innovate the business upgrade processes. And likewise, we have unique optimization strategies to uplift your website.

Web Hosting

The Web Hosting in Pakistan has become really quite easy using the Zanikweb IT Solution Providers web hosting service. We have various static and configurable plans that can fit your business hosting needs.

Software Development

The Zanikweb offers a versatile catalogue for the software development. Ahead of that, we are a well-versed ERP Software Development Company in Karachi with a wide variety of business solutions.

Graphic Design

Zanikweb IT Solution Providers offers complete of Logo Design Services in Karachi which include unique logo designing for business and non-profit organization, reviewing and publication in various formats.


Hospital Management System

The Hospital Management Software is among the lead inventory for this versatile ERP Software in Pakistan that has a professional outlook, fundamental tools and intuitive design.

Hospital Software
HR Software

The HR Software is a very handy tool that you find with the Zanikweb ERP Software in Karachi. It makes all your HR processes quite easy and brings you the latest HR techniques practiced in the industry.

HR Software
School Management System

A very unique schooling aid is available for this ERP Software in Karachi. It is a school management software that provides administrative, managerial, accounts and teaching aids to a school or college.

School Software
Payroll Software

Why rely on the manual payroll record maintenance when a modern Payroll Software is available for you. It is a widely growing ERP Software in Pakistan based on its design, scalability and functionality.

Payroll Software
Accounting Software

Manage your accounts quickly, accurately & pretty professionally using accounting software provided under this ERP Software in Pakistan. It is a big yes to your organizational success and revenue increment.

Accounting Software
Inventory Software

Managing inventory, is not a problem anymore. The Inventory ERP Software in Karachi offers plenty of fresh features that can make you sit in an organized warehouse.

Inventory Software
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How we are unique from other software companies

Excellence can surely make the difference! Zanikweb has mastered the provision of excellent web designing, software development, seo and digital marketing services. Our team of experts has a remarkable experience in the market and the exposure incorporates the world-class standards. Indeed, we have everything to make your organization attractive like no other.

Our Mission and Vision
Best web design & seo services provider

Zanikweb eyes the prosperity of its clients. We join hands with our customers in developing their business through our web designing, digital marketing and seo optimization services. Further, we aim to stabilize our clients so that they graph should tend to raise high.

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What People Says

We are pleased with the Inpatient and Outpatient Software provided by Zanikweb IT Providers. The responsive application has helped our administrative teams to manage their chores timely and accurately.

Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre:
Inpatient and Outpatient Software

Our project was big enough to hand over to the amateurs. But Zanikweb IT Solution Provider’s professional attitude made things easier for us. And they even proved it with their performance.

Business Solution Consultancy
Website Development

The performance of the software is smooth and it is according to our specification. When we needed some changes, the developing company has customized as per the requirement.

Sir Syed University Hospital
Hospital Management Software
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