Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre
(Digital CME Management System)


Introduction to CME:

CME stands for Continuing Medical Education which a high level professional criterion for medical practitioners set by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council. The CME helps doctors to keep up their knowledge and skills with the current best practices of professional medicinal practices as per international standards. The CME sessions and evaluations are held in a medical institution after PMDC accredits an institution based on their credibility and capacity. Jinnah Medical and Dental College was assigned with this huge responsibility to carry out the CME which was to be attended by national and international medical professionals of high repute.


Introducing CME Software in Pakistan

Zanikweb has the privilege to be the first software developer in Pakistan to introduce completely autonomous software for the CME which was to be carried out in the prestigious Jinnah Medical and Dental College. The CME software developed by Zanikweb was based on state of the art technology fulfilling all the requirements of the CME. The software was highly appreciated and praised by JPMC in their testimonial and a performance shield was also presented to Zanikweb.


Scope of Work

The challenge was to automate and channelize all of the on-ground activities that were related to CME. Hence, we developed a software that was capable of handling all of the tasks in a precise and efficient manner to decrease time and let the administration and participants focus more on the sessions.

Our software was capable of processing and automating various steps and processes that were necessary and pertinent to the CME. A brief rundown is in following paragraphs.


How our CME software helped during the CME Sessions

Our software has a main programs module that can be used to manage sessions in a very easy manner. The program module can be used to track single or multiple sessions with a single program or through different programs as well. Viewing and defining topics with respect to speakers can also be accessed through this menu. In addition to this, finances such as budgets, fees, credits and participant information can all be accessed through the programs module.


Simplifying and Speeding Up Online Registrations

The CME was to be attended by hundreds of people including speakers, attendees, staff and management. Entrees to the CME had to be regulated and reliance on a manual way wasn’t an option. Therefore, in order to speed up the process of registration, on online and digital mechanism was integrated into the CME software. The software was capable of:

  • Generating registration numbers
  • Search and locate registrant data
  • Record and edit complete name, address and other data of registrants
  • Information about fee/payment

In addition, to these a batch registration mode is also present in the CME software which is capable of bulk registration of a list of participants in to different sessions thus saving time and completely eliminating any margins of error.


Documenting attendance

Keeping a track on the attendees and documenting their attendance was a humungous yet inevitable task. We introduced an automated system of documenting attendance through Swipe cards, barcode scanning and even through smart phones. This completely eliminated any time consuming waiting lines for the participants and the speakers and they were processed speedily in a very professional way. Any chances of human error were completely eliminated using this model of attendance documentation.


Self-Reported credits

The CME software introduced by Zanikweb has an advanced feature of self-reporting accreditations. What this means is that any speaker was able to accredit themselves with any achievements or works in research that they have successfully accomplished. The speakers can claim credit and upload certificates or any relevant information to their profiles and all that information can be saved for future retrieval as well.


Generating certificates and transcripts

With our CME software, the validation and issuance of important documents such as certificates and transcripts becomes extremely fast and fully automated. The software analyzes and calculates everything within seconds and immediately generates certificates and transcripts upon requests for any and all participants. This cuts down week and sometimes month long waiting for the participants for issuance of their desired documents.

Evaluating Courses

We have completely automated the process of evaluating courses by taking it online. This means that participants can now evaluate courses by simply logging in through their smartphones or laptops. The software is also allows the participants to receive a link through email for evaluation at any later times. Moreover, our CME software is smart enough to not bug you with an email if you are doing evaluation during the conference!


Accessing course materials, references and handouts

The CME software can be used to access all course materials, reference guides, handouts, power point slides etc. online. In fact, any of these learning materials can be saved to the profiles for future reference. The data can be accessed conveniently through our smartphone App from anywhere around the world and whenever required.


Data Import and Export

The data import and export functionality of our CME software is simple and quick. All of the data related to the conference including people, programs, registration and everything else can be easily imported or exported from and into the system. Thus allowing you to make quick backups, store and retrieve data and upload data to new systems without a hassle.


Online Calendar

The online calendar integrated into the CME software allows medical professionals to stay updated and informed about recent and upcoming events. Should they need to find any related events or conferences, they simply need to check the calendar and would be served with relevant events based on their search criteria.


Mobile friendly interface

The CME software was developed keeping in mind the increased usage of mobile devices. Hence we designed the software to be mobile friendly across all devices and platforms. All of the data can be accessed via online website and through the app. So even if you are on the go, you will be presented with the most adaptable data as per your screen resolution.


Abstract submission

The abstract submission option built into the CME software is one of the most comprehensive and user friendly module of the software. It gives the user full control over a vast range of options through a step by step wizard. Submission of abstract from different mediums and in different formats can all be done through this wizard. User also has the option of defining categories, create custom questions, collect and submit biographies of speakers and much more. All of this can be done via editable options or through uploading of documents. The interface is password protected which makes the access all the more secure. Additionally of this data can be exported and monitored through automatic email updates.


Security features

The advanced security features of the CME software makes it highly reliable and compatible with the standards of online security. We have taken great care in order to keep your data exclusive and secured. For this matter, all of the servers managing the data are regularly scrutinized for vulnerability and penetration by a third party internet security company. The data is secured using 256 bit encryption and databases are protected with the most latest and updated firewall and antivirus software. User level access is regulated through password protection and access is encrypted to avoid packet sniffing. In addition all of the data is backed up and archived to a remote location and data can be retrieved for days to weeks and even years.

As part of our privacy policy, we do not store, reproduce, manipulate or share user data of any kind including credit card information or any sensitive or identifiable data.


Dashboard (This heading should be used somewhere in the start, preferably 5th heading)

The Dashboard of the CME software gives a holistic overview of the session in progress and other access to other important firsthand information. This includes monitoring of participants, attendance, availability of seats in halls, time management such as delays or remaining time, quick on the spot registration depending on availability of seats, etc. All of this data can be accessed and managed in real time through the CME software dashboard.

Key Features:

  • Online and On-spot registration and payment system

  • E-cards with barcode number

  • Digital tracking system for attendees

  • Digital CME credits tracking

  • Online and On-Spot CME certificate distribution

  • Online CME/CDE verification interface for PMD

Skills used


Users testimonials

  • The JPMC symposium is one of the largest medical and scientific conferences in Pakistan which attracts distinguished medical professionals from around the world. In order to automate the registrations and data of the attendees, we required a digital symposium management system. Having gone the through profiles of multiple vendors and after long discussions we finalized Zanikweb for this crucial task.  (more…)

    Dr. Nadeem Rizvi
    Chairman (51th Symposium)